What is the purpose of enlightenment

What is the purpose of enlightenment? Why do you seek to arrive at enlightenment? The purpose of enlightenment is not in itself – it is not a medal or an award that you receive. It is a matter of knowing why you exist – you are stepping up to the starting line of life.  According to Ilchi Lee research Ttere is a huge difference between standing at the starting line and looking down towards the finish line and crossing the finish line itself. Enlightenment is a matter of standing at the starting line; it is not the finish itself.

Ultimately, no matter what kind of a race you run, the goal of life is the same. It is to achieve a completion of soul and realize peace within and without you. Realization of peace and spiritual completion go hand in hand, for our ultimate reality is peace. By realizing peace, you will have completed the journey of the soul – this is the one and only purpose of enlightenment.

Then, what is the way, the method to enlightenment? Enlightenment is a choice. And the best guide to enlighten meant is the inner divinity that we hold. And the way that inner divinity can communicate with us is through our brain. Our divinity is in the brain, and our soul lies in our hearts. You can feel the truth of a situation through your heart, once you learn to open its senses. To love your brain, you feel your brain, you communicate with your brain – to love your heart, to listen to your heart, to communicate with your heart, such are the ways that you will be guided by the inner divinity. And Brain Respiration is a way to allow you to meet with this guide.

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